Keep the season going at City Beach! We offer Summer Maintenance Volleyball Clinics and Open Gyms all throughout the summer. If you don’t have the time commitment for a full summer volleyball camp, then this option is perfect for you. Just sign up for the clinics and open gyms you’d like to come to.

About Our Volleyball Clinics

During the summer, we hold Maintenance Volleyball Clinics. These clinics are specially designed to help keep you in shape and keep your skills sharp. We have a variety of age groups available, so you can play with other players at your skill level. Our maintenance clinics are the perfect way to make sure you’re ready when the season starts back up!

About Our Open Gyms

Just need to get some practice in? Our open gyms are the perfect solution for you. Come and play with other dedicated players throughout the summer. Of course, our experienced coaches will be on hand to run the open gyms and the volleyball clinics. Our coaches have extensive experience working with a variety of age groups, and they’ll help you bring your skills to the next level.

Why City Beach Volleyball?

City Beach Volleyball is the place to go for any volleyball camp, clinic, or open gym. Why? Because of our expertise, dedication, and passion for the sport of volleyball. Our staff consists of experts who know exactly what young volleyball players need to push themselves to the next level. We accept nothing less than the best when it comes to our staff, so you should accept nothing but the best when choosing where you attend volleyball clinics, camps, and open gyms. Choose City Beach Volleyball this summer!

Contact City Beach Volleyball Today

Come check out an open gym or volleyball clinic at City Beach Volleyball! After just one, you’re sure to want to come back again and again. For all information relating to our summer volleyball clinics and open gyms, click here or feel free to contact us with any questions, or continue browsing the City Beach Volleyball website to learn more.