Sand Volleyball CampIf you’re looking to take a break from the courts this summer, consider the City Beach Sand Volleyball Camp. This camp offers something a little different than the typical volleyball camp. If you’re not used to playing in sand, don’t worry! That’s exactly what this camp is was designed to help with.

How Does Sand Volleyball Camp Differ?

Playing in sand offers a unique set of challenges. The main one being difficulty of movement. Running through the sand will slow you down quite a bit, and take more energy. Because of this, sand volleyball differs in a few ways. First, the court is smaller. This is to make up for the reduced speed from running in the sand. Matches are more exciting and last longer thanks to the smaller court. There’s also no attack line, meaning you can hit the ball from anywhere.

Next, there are usually only two players per side, and the balls are much lighter. This means you’ll be playing a lot of positions, which will really hone your skills.

Finally, scoring is different. Matches are best of three and played to 21 points. This is quite a bit shorter than traditional indoor volleyball, but again, it helps to keep the games engaging and exciting.

The City Beach Difference

The City Beach Sand Volleyball Camp isn’t your typical camp. Our camp is high-energy and competitive. You’ll sharpen your skills and compete with players who have the same dedication and passion for the sport that you do. Our coaches are the best of the best, and they’ll help you bring your game to the next level. Of course, you can expect to have a lot of fun during our Sand Volleyball Camp. Sand volleyball is fast-paced, challenging, and exciting. Once you experience the City Beach Sand Volleyball Camp, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Register with City Beach

If you want to experience our amazing Sand Volleyball Camp, make sure you sign up soon! You don’t want to miss your chance to have some fun in the sun with City Beach VolleyballClick here for more information, including dates, related to our Sand Volleyball Camp. We will continue to update it each year around sign up time, or contact us with any questions.