City Beach Volleyball court rental for games.Looking for somewhere to hold open play volleyball games? Need to a rent a volleyball court for a tournament, party or corporate team building event? City Beach Volleyball can help. At City Beach Volleyball, we provide the best in indoor beach volleyball facilities, along with volleyball training and strength and conditioning programs. Find out more about booking your next volleyball game with City Beach Volleyball.

Benefits of Volleyball

Volleyball is an intense and dynamic team sport that offers a lot of unique benefits. When it comes to physical health and fitness, volleyball improves core strength, flexibility, fluidity of movement, focus, alertness, and stamina. In addition to physical benefits, volleyball is also a great way to make friends or bond with work teammates.

Team sports require you to work together and understand each other, and the rush of the game in volleyball is one of the best experiences you can have with friends or people you work with. Booking a court for open play or specific events with us means you can get the most out of these benefits in a great environment.

Knowing Your Skill Level

Before you join in open play or book for a volleyball-based event, it’s important for you and your fellow players to know your skill levels. Volleyball has specific skill level requirements and expectations, and not knowing the level at which you play can lead to you being quickly overwhelmed, or even injured.

If you’re a beginner or a novice, it’s best to play with other beginners under the guidance of a professional. Intermediate or advanced players will have a better understanding of the game, how it works and the physical demands it can come with.

Knowing your skill level will also help determine which position you or your team members will play, which is an important aspect to consider before you start your game. If you’re unsure, contact City Beach Volleyball with any questions you might have about skills levels and other requirements before you book.

Other Amenities Available

Along with volley courts, we also have basketball, table-based games like air-hockey, pool, and table tennis. Even if volleyball isn’t your thing, City Beach still has plenty of physical activities available for open play sessions.

Check Schedules and Book Your Court

Ready to book your open play session or game? Check the City Beach Volleyball club volleyball calendar for availability. Open play is typically held weekdays from noon-2pm, but times are subject to change, so please the check our calendar regularly for updates.

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