Kids at Volleyball ClinicBeginners have a place at City Beach Volleyball. Everyone starts somewhere, and if you start learning your skills when you’re young, you have much more time to hone them. That’s why we offer our Junior Jumpers Volleyball Clinic. This clinic is for boys and girls ages 7-10 who are new to the sport of volleyball.

Learn the Basics

A strong house is built on a strong foundation. That’s why we’ll be focusing our attention on the basics in this camp. By teaching these kids the fundamentals and how to do them correctly, they have a strong jumping off point for their future volleyball careers. They’ll learn all about serving, passing, attacking, defense, and much more.

Why Choose City Beach Volleyball?

As with everything we do, we approach the Junior Jumpers Volleyball Clinic with passion and care for the players. We want all our players to succeed and perform their best. We keep two things in mind during the Junior Jumpers Volleyball Clinic. That the fundamentals are important, and that volleyball is fun. Of course, we want to teach these players who are new to the sports how to play and how to work with their team, but we also want to show them how fun volleyball can be! A passion for a sport doesn’t thrive if you’re not having fun while you’re doing it. The final reason you should choose City Beach Volleyball, is we only hire the best coaches and staff to run our camps. We can’t create a strong foundation for these players without experts builders creating it. You can rest assured that your child will be learning from the best of the best.

Register with City Beach Volleyball

If your child is interested in volleyball, don’t delay – sign them up for the Junior Jumpers Volleyball Clinic. They’ll learn so much about the sport and teamwork, and they’re sure to love their experience. For information about the Junior Jumpers Volleyball Clinic, you can click here, or contact us if you have more questions. We look forward to showing your child how much fun volleyball can be at City Beach!