Girls Mini Club Volleyball

The Girls Mini Club Volleyball Season is designed to improve skills and offer a competitive environment over a shorter amount of time. This awesome camp is held through fall and is taught by our amazing coaches. Our coaches are among the best in the nation, so you know that you’ll have a great experience.

About Girls Mini Club Volleyball Season

The Girls Mini Club Volleyball Season is a series of clinics focused on building skills in the fall with our experienced staff. All participants will be trained in individual skills (Serving, Passing, Hitting, Setting, Blocking and Defense) along with team concepts and strategy over 16 weekday sessions in September and October.

Skills We’ll Focus On

Over the course of the 16 sessions, you’ll greatly improve the following skills.


Serving is your first point of attack. You should always serve to score. We’ll be focusing on improving and perfecting technique for these sessions.


Keeping the ball alive and setting your teammates up for an attack is an essential skill. We’ll be focusing on being accurate with your passing, as well as techniques to improve your consistency.


For hitting, we’ll be focusing on improving several variations of attack. We’ll be working on your techniques for hitting, including spikes.


Setting is another essential part of attacking. A good set can set up a spike. We work on setting technique and creating opportunities for teammates to attack.


Blocking is both a defensive and offensive move. If you block a ball at the net, you could potentially score. We work on blocking technique and timing.


Sometimes you’re not able to get under the ball to make a good play, that’s when you need to go on the defensive. We work on sliding and rolling techniques to improve your defensive play.

After the 16 sessions of the Girls Mini Club Volleyball season, you’re sure to have these fundamentals down.

Register with City Beach Volleyball

If you’re interested in the Girls Mini Club Volleyball season, sign up for a spot soon. At City Beach Volleyball, we’re happy to offer the best leagues, camps, clinics, and open plays around. Please see the information below regarding dates and sign up for the Girls Mini Club Volleyball season. This page will be updated periodically, so continue to check back here for information. Sign up today, or contact us if you have any questions that haven’t been answered here. We’re looking forward to another great season!

When: Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30p – 7:30p, September 5th through October 29th.  
Where:  City Beach Santa Clara
2911 Mead Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Cost: $400 for the full season