City Beach Volleyball provides the best in indoor volleyball facilities. Whatever kind of game you’re looking for, whether it’s open play or a tournament, our volleyball courts are waiting for your team. Looking for girls beach volleyball teams? City Beach Volleyball has all the latest and most versatile indoor amenities for girls beach volleyball, boys volleyball, corporate team building games, or whatever else you might need. Find out more about our girls beach volleyball teams here.

Girls Beach Volleyball Teams

At City Beach Volleyball, we regularly host up to 30 teams. At all levels, regardless of playing time, every player receives the best guidance from coaches who care about player development. Our goal is that every player learns the importance of teamwork, in applying themselves, striving to perform at their best and achieving their personal peak fitness.

Different Team Options

City Beach offers a variety of options for girls beach volleyball teams.

Competitive Power Teams

These teams put goals before anything else and focus on performance-based playtime standard. The best players are chosen and are encouraged to push their performance limits with the support of their teammates.

Invitational Competitive Development Teams

Our competitive development program is designed to give girls the opportunity to play in a way that focuses on the specific development of skills and abilities. This program teaches players to make greater commitments and develop the habits that will maximize their abilities.


Invitational teams will play against Power League and Premier League team at all the NCVA’s largest events. We also offer area league development team programs that compete in the local AAU Pacific League.

Youth League Recreational Teams

Our youth rec teams are focused on providing fun and an opportunity for skill development for girls aged 8-14. Younger players get the same professional coaching and instruction in a less stressful and performance-focused environment, to foster their love and commitment to volleyball.

The Benefits of Girls Beach Volleyball

For girls and young women, beach volleyball provides a variety of benefits to physical and mental health. Personal development, confidence, strength, agility and the emphasis on teamwork all help our players to develop into healthy and confident young adults. You can find out more about City Beach Volleyball’s team programs, including our boys volleyball programs, on our volleyball teams page.

Contact Us About Girls Beach Volleyball

If the facilities at City Beach Volleyball sound like exactly what you’re looking for for your girls beach volleyball team, contact our beach volleyball center today. We can help you set up your tournaments, games and open court bookings to get the most out of your City Beach experience.