Girls at Volleyball CampYou can’t visit all the schools or go to all their camps. Spend your money wisely by choosing the Girls Academic Volleyball Camp at City Beach Volleyball. The City Beach High Academic Camp was the FIRST in the country matching top academic volleyball players with the coaches of some of the top academic institutions in the country. Learn the game from coaches from Ivy League schools and top Division I, DII and DIII schools. If you take the game of volleyball seriously, then this is the right camp for you.

A Commitment to Excellence

At City Beach Volleyball, we wanted to create an environment where serious, highly competitive volleyball players could truly test themselves and bring their skills to the next level. That’s why we only hire the best coaches, and we match you players to the ones that will teach them what they need to know to be the best player you can be. Our volleyball camp operates under the principle that players will only get better if they are being challenged by peers that are equal to their talent and commitment to the game.

Why Choose City Beach Volleyball?

As we mentioned, we were the first academic volleyball camp in the country to match top players with top coaches. This approach to innovation can be felt through all of our camps, leagues, and clinics. The City Beach Volleyball difference isn’t just lip-service, it’s real. You can see the passion in our coaches, and our dedication to the game of volleyball. Coming to the City Beach Volleyball Camp will make you wonder why you ever considered another camp in the first place.

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Our Girls Academic Volleyball Camp is open to high school age volleyball players. To find out the dates and sign up information for our camps, you can always come and view this page. It will be updated each time sign up is open. Below you can find the current dates and information for our next Girls Academic Volleyball Camp. If you have any questions about the camp, that weren’t answered here, feel free to contact City Beach Volleyball today.

June 2018 Camp – SAVE THE DATE – JUNE 7-8 AND JUNE 9-10

Winter 2017 Dates announced!

December 2nd and 3rd, 2017 (Saturday and Sunday) (Check in 8:30 am; Q&A at 1pm; 4pm Check out and Coach Meet and Greet)
Space is limited

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Here’s the beginning of the list for December 2017 – More to come (Updated 8/14/17)
** Please note that division I schools will commit later to camp as that is the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, so we will have to see how their season is going before they commit to camp.

December 2017 Camp

Bowdoin College – #6 Liberal Arts – Erin Cady (Head Coach) – Added 8/14/17
Bucknell University – #32 Liberal Arts – Anna Allison (Head Coach)
Carnegie Mellon University – #24 National University
Franklin and Marshall College – #47 Liberal Arts – Mary Kate Boland (Head Coach)
Goucher College – #113 Liberal Arts – Kait Kozak (Head Coach)
Kenyon College – #27 Liberal Arts – Amanda Krampf (Head Coach)
Lewis and Clark College – #87 Liberal Arts – Emily Hayes (Assistant Coach)
Middlebury College – #4 Liberal Arts – Sarah Raunecker (Head Coach)
MIT – #7 National Universities
Pacific University – #22 Regional University – Kip Yoshimura (Head Coach)
Swarthmore College – #4 Liberal Arts – Harleigh Chwastyk (Head Coach)
UC Santa Cruz – #79 National University – Josh Davis (Head Coach)
Ursinus College – #95 Liberal Arts – Cecily Scavicchio (Head Coach)
Whitman College – #41 Liberal Arts