Club Volleyball Tryouts: What to Expect

How to Prepare for Your Club Volleyball Tryouts

Club volleyball is extremely exciting. It’s highly competitive with high-level players. If you love playing volleyball, it’s great to be a part of a club volleyball team because it gives you a real challenge. Because of this elite, high-level play, tryouts are typically held to match players with the best team possible. When people hear the term tryouts, they tend to get a little nervous. This is perfectly normal, but there’s nothing to be afraid of! With proper expectations and preparation, you can nail your tryout. Today in the City Beach Volleyball blog, we talk about how you can get ready for your club volleyball tryout.

What to Expect

Don’t be intimidated when you come to tryouts. Everyone has some butterflies – whether it’s their first tryout or their twentieth. They key is to put your anxiousness to good use and play harder. Tryouts for club volleyball at City Beach are typically held over the course of several days. During this time, coaches will be assessing your skills, among other qualities. As far as what to expect, it’s not much different than typical practices that you’ve done in the past. You can expect to run quite a few drills and scrimmages. The drills will be focusing on different skills, so the coaches can get a full picture of what kind of player you are and where you might fit in best on their team.

How to Prepare

Practice, practice, practice. As cliche as it may sound, the best way you can get ready for these tryouts is to sharpen your skills every day with hard work and practice. Remember though, although your skills will play a big part in the coach’s decision, it’s not the only factor at play. Having hussle and a great attitude goes a long way. Someone could be very skilled, but if they have a terrible attitude and difficulty following directions, coaches may not want to go through the trouble of having them on their team.  Show the coaches that you’re there to play and be part of a great club volleyball team.

Club Volleyball at City Beach

If you’re ready to play club volleyball at City Beach, make sure to sign up for tryouts! We have a variety of teams with open spots. City Beach is proud to have some of the best volleyball coaches in the nation, so when you play with us, you play with the best. We also have a variety of camps, clinics, and open gyms throughout the year. Contact us today for more information, or continue browsing our website to see all we have to offer.

Female volleyball players listen to their coach at volleyball camp

What are the Benefits of Volleyball Camps?

Volleyball Camps: What are the Benefits?

In our last blog post, the City Beach blog talked about volleyball clinics and what attributes you should look for in making your decision about a clinic. In today’s post, we would like to piggyback that idea and discuss something similar: what are the benefits of volleyball camps? Some of you may be trying to figure out the difference between a volleyball clinic and a volleyball camp and we are here to answer that question. In today’s post, we’ll tell you what makes volleyball camps unique, but also what the benefits are for attending a camp.

Why A Volleyball Camp?

While volleyball clinics and camps may seem like the same thing on the surface, they are actually two very different things. For starters, clinics are typically single session events, whereas camps are multi-day events and are often over-night events. But more importantly, volleyball camps are more versatile. They give athletes the opportunity to spend a weekend or even a few weeks learning the skills of the trade, interacting with fellow athletes, and competing at a high level.

Clinics are a fantastic resource for sharpening your skills, but camps can help you overhaul those skills. Summer camps often offer a variety of different programs and skill levels, from beginner camps to expert camps. This will allow beginners to leave with a solid grasp on how to get better, while also allowing high-level athletes to leave prepared to exceed.

What are the Benefits of Attending a Camp?

There is a seemingly never-ending list of benefits to attending one of these camps. For starters, they are a blast for participants, even those who are more serious athletes. There are many overnight camps that allow you to room with fellow athletes and have free time with them, giving them the opportunity to make new friends and have a blast with their fellow athletes. Athletes are able to get away from the world, even if just for a few days, and play volleyball with friends and competitors alike.

They are also the most effective and efficient way to develop as a player. Camps are all extensive, meaning that the days are filled with extended training sessions that are unmatched elsewhere. You will often spend up to six hours a day playing and training for your sport over several days of action. In sports, development is always a result of repetition and the volume of quality reps that you will find at volleyball camps in unmatched elsewhere.

City Beach Volleyball Has Your Camp Ready

At City Beach, we have a wide variety of camps and programs, ranging from beginner programs, advanced programs, high school prep programs, and even conditioning programs. Contact us today at (408) 654-9330 or visit our website to register or find more information.

Two volleyball teams compete in a volleyball tournament

Preparing Your Team for Volleyball Tournaments

Volleyball Tournaments: Preparing Your Team

The climate of amateur sports has taken a pronounced turn over the last decade or so. Youth sports through high school that once run through school and government programs are now heavily ran through third party club programs. This has had several effects. The first is that it drives competition. Leagues are no longer dependent on players inside the county line and now see teams being assembled from the outside. Secondly, it has put a new-found emphasis on tournament play, with the diversified talent pool making it harder to intermingle schedules. Volleyball tournaments are no different – and when it comes to club play, tournaments have a very high value.The City Beach blog wants to give you some tips on how to prepare your team for your next tournament.

Always Emphasis Urgency

Urgency is an attribute that is very dependent on the sport. There isn’t a great sense of urgency in baseball, not only because of the speed of the game but also because of the nature of the game. It is much more focused on mental toughness and stability through failure, whereas momentum plays a much bigger role in sports like basketball and volleyball. Arguably the most important thing you can do as a coach to get your team ready for a tournament is to make sure they are mentally ready to compete.

This is not always an easy task. If coaches can unanimously agree on one thing, it would be that you can’t develop competitiveness. That is a trait that is individual. So what do you do if you have a team of players that just aren’t that competitive? Well, you push urgency. A tournament is a great place to do that because the stakes are high from match one. But the one thing that can derail a volleyball tournament quicker than anything is a sluggish team. Make sure that your pregame warmups and reps are high intensity. Not high intensity physically, but mentally. Push your athletes to use that time to get focused, rather than simply going through the motions.

Know Your Team and Their Skillset

Every sports team that has ever existed has had some sort of identity. Your team is no different. And it is far more likely that you will be able to adjust to their identity than them adjusting to yours. There are times when you need to be a disciplinarian coach and a players coach. It just all depends on the DNA of your team. This doesn’t mean there aren’t times where you want to change the DNA.

If your team struggles with discipline and mental awareness, it is not the time to be a players’ coach. You have to push your players in those areas and by doing so, you will see improvement. But when you roll up to the venue for your volleyball tournament, you have to remember that it is now the time for the players to play. You can still coach and help them learn, but allowing your players to play will make them better players. Your coaching and your attempts to enhance your team’s identity should mostly come before your volleyball tournament. It is through on-court samples that you see what needs to change and how each player can improve, but it isn’t often changed on the court.

Check Out City Beach’s Volleyball Tournaments

Those are just a few things to keep in mind when coaching a volleyball tournament. One thing that wasn’t listed was where you will be competing and if you are looking for a place to compete, City Beach is the place to do it. Our slate of volleyball tournaments is unparalleled and will help your player love the game and develop their skills. Contacts us today for more information.