Boys at Volleyball Camp

City Beach is excited to expand our programming for boys. We are adding camps and teams every year, and are expanding our co-ed offerings. Whether you and your friends are looking for a fast, fun new sport, or are looking to improve your skills to win a championship, City Beach Boys Volleyball is here for you. We have a variety of  volleyball camps and clinics available for different age groups.

Benefits of  Volleyball Camps and Clinics

A fast, explosive sport, that requires skill and teamwork for success is a great way to meet friends and have fun. Practice makes perfect, and this is especially the case during the off-season. You can use this opportunity to work with our expert coaches and make sure you’re more than ready when the season starts back up. It also helps you to stay in shape during the offseason, so you won’t be getting worn out when it’s time to play for real.

Camps for Every Skill Level

At City Beach, we have Summer Volleyball Camps for boys of every skill level. We have a Beginner camp for those who have under 2 years of experience and haven’t played at the club level. In this camp, you’ll learn and improve on the fundamentals of volleyball. The Intermediate level is for players that have at least 3 years of experience, and has some experience playing for clubs, or playing on a team. This camp will sharpen your existing skills and teach you more advanced work to push yourself to the next level. Our Advanced camp is for those who have at least 2 years of power team club experience and more than 3 years of experience overall. This camp is for the most advanced players, who want an experience that will challenge them and push their limits.

If our Summer Volleyball Camps sound like the right challenge for you, make sure you sign up and reserve your spot as soon as possible. We have camps for all skill abilities and schedules. Our coaches have worked with youth players of all ages and levels. The majority of our camps are lead and programmed by our Boys Volleyball Director, Peter Kim. Please click the link  to find out more info about our camps and registration, or contact us today if you have any questions.