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Differences Between Indoor and Beach Volleyball

How Indoor and Beach Volleyball Differ Here at City Beach Volleyball, we offer both indoor and outdoor beach volleyball, letting you play any way you want. But what are the biggest differences between playing on a court and playing in the sand? If you’ve played before, you probably already know the answer. If you usually […]

Tips for Solo Volleyball Training

Volleyball Training: Solo Practice Tips Volleyball season is fast approaching and many players, both novice and experienced want to “tune up” their body and improve their volleyball skills. Unfortunately, sometimes you just can’t make it to the court to practice. Fortunately, there are drills and exercises for volleyball training that can be performed at home […]

Differences Between Club Volleyball and High School Volleyball

Club Volleyball vs. High School Volleyball For young people, the sport of volleyball offers a fast-paced, high energy game. This competitive sport is popular across the nation, providing players a variety of opportunities for practice and competition.  In many areas of the country, young people have the opportunity to participate in club volleyball or on […]

Beach Volleyball: Tips for Beginners

Beginner Beach Volleyball Tips Sunny southern California offers many opportunities for fitness and one of the hottest, most popular activities for adults is beach volleyball. Volleyball is no longer a sport just for high schools or professional athletes but rather a sport that anyone can learn and enjoy. Volleyball offers a full body workout as […]

The Anatomy of a Volleyball Court

The Essential Elements of a Volleyball Court Some people who have only watched but never played volleyball might think the rules of the game are more complex than they actually are. Much of this is due to the markings and lines on the typical volleyball court. To the untrained eye, it might look like a […]

Protective Gear for Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball Protective Gear Beach volleyball is not a contact sport, but, like any sports played at a competitive level, you can hurt yourself while playing. In competitive games, you might find yourself diving and flinging your body for balls. Don’t think that the beach and sand will keep you from hurting yourself. Sure, it […]

A Look at City Beach Volleyball Teams

Volleyball Teams: A City Beach Preview Each year, City Beach Volleyball offers a wide variety of volleyball teams for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our team structure and system is unique to other athletics teams because we have a structure for all players. We have leagues heavily devoted to individual player development as […]