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Improving Your Speed in Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball: Improving Your Speed on the Sand Two traits that talented beach volleyball players must exhibit are footwork and speed. If you want to improve your game, one of the best ways is to improve your ability to move around the sand. Many indoor volleyball players will head outside to try their skills on […]

Volleyball 101: Skill Positions on a Volleyball Team

Understanding the Different Skill Positions of a Volleyball Team As volleyball players become more serious about their game and join higher levels of competition, they will find that specializing in specific positions becomes a larger part of their game and training. Higher level volleyball teams begin incorporating specific skill sets, where each player has a […]

How Club Volleyball Prepares You For Collegiate Athletics

Club Volleyball: How the Increased Competition Prepares You For College Volleyball Club volleyball is quickly becoming the best method to prepare high school athletes for collegiate athletics. The NCAA recently performed a survey of over 21,000 college athletes, asking if they played club or high school sports. Women’s volleyball had an overwhelming result in favor […]

Beach Volleyball: Improving Your Cardio

How to Improve Your Cardio for Beach Volleyball Beach volleyball may not be a sport where you are running long distances, but the fact is that endurance and cardiovascular performance may be one of the biggest factors in your ability to close a game out. Today, City Beach gives some fitness tips for improving your […]

Preparing a Libero with a Volleyball Clinic

Volleyball Clinic: Preparing for the Role of Libero Many people consider Libero to be the most difficult position on the volleyball court. successful Liberos do not need to be tall like a defensive specialist — instead, they need to be very quick and tenacious. If you are interested in becoming a Libero specialist or are […]

How to Improve Your Overhand Serve With Volleyball Training

Volleyball Training: Improving Your Overhand Serve One of the number one skills that young volleyball players want to improve is their ability to successfully serve overhand. Whether the player is a beginner or simply looking to improve their serve, specific volleyball training is key to success. Lots of different coaches recommend their own flavor or […]

Benefits of Corporate Team Building

The Importance of Corporate Team Building Corporate team building has become a staple of workplace culture, and while some employees may initially dread it, they are sure to appreciate its benefits. Not only does teambuilding offer the chance to get out of the office and socialize with coworkers, but it can also increase morale and […]

Choosing a Summer Volleyball Clinic

How to Choose a Summer Volleyball Clinic A summer volleyball clinic is a great way to get some practice in the off-season and meet new friends. With many different clinics available, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you or your child. At City Beach, we offer a wide-range of volleyball clinics […]