What Do Coaches Look For During Club Volleyball Tryouts?

Club Volleyball: What Do Coaches Look For During Tryouts?

Club volleyball coach at tryouts

When preparing for a club volleyball tryout, you may be wondering what exactly you can do to get a bid for a team. While each club team and coach has different values and preferences, there are a few things that most coaches will look for when scouting for new additions. Today, City Beach will discuss some traits that coaches tend to look for, as well as things that you can do to stand out during tryouts.

Specific Skill Positions

Most coaches will know what positions they need to recruit for when adding to their club volleyball team. The two most popular positions going into a tryout are outside hitters and liberos. Middle blockers and opposite hitters are positions that tend to have fewer girls. If you can play either of these positions, it may help you catch the coaches eye. Left-handed opposite hitters, in particular, are always in high demand by club volleyball teams. Setters are also extremely important, and talented setters will often get a more thorough look from coaches.


Coaches love players who are versatile and able to fill multiple positions. During tryouts, girls are often asked to specify which positions they are looking to play. Having the ability and willingness to play multiple spots will improve your chances of landing a bid with a club volleyball team. Being unselfish and playing what is best for the team is a great way to get a coach to notice you.

Talent and Potential

There are some things that cannot be taught. Tall players are naturally going to stand out, as will athletic players. The truth is tall, athletic players will have a leg up when it comes to club volleyball tryouts. However, coaches are also always on the lookout for potential. Very rarely will they notice a girl who always serves in-bounds. An exceptionally hard jump serve, however, will always stand out. Girls should really give it their all and not focus on playing safe. A hard spike that is out of bounds will stand out to a coach more than a soft hit in bounds. This is a tryout, not a game, really give it your all while you are out there.


Lastly, if you aren’t as talented or experienced as some of the other girls, it is important that you give the extra effort they may not be willing to give. A girl who is hustling on the court and plays with heart is something that always gets noticed. No matter what your physical skill set, hustle can be what makes sets you apart in the coach’s eyes.

Interested in Joining a Club Volleyball Team?

Keep an eye out for City Beach club volleyball tryouts. We host nearly 30 club volleyball teams of varying ages and skill levels. If you want to take your game to the next level, contact City Beach today.

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