Improving Your Speed in Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball: Improving Your Speed on the Sand

Woman running on sand to train for beach volleyball

Two traits that talented beach volleyball players must exhibit are footwork and speed. If you want to improve your game, one of the best ways is to improve your ability to move around the sand. Many indoor volleyball players will head outside to try their skills on the beach and find they have a lot of trouble moving around. Pros refer to this as “getting your sand legs.” While the skills that make you successful in indoor volleyball often translate to beach volleyball, speed and agility can be slow to translate if you are unused to moving in the sand. Today, City Beach would like to share some tips for improving your ability to move on the beach volleyball court.

How to Improve Your Speed on Sand

When you first move to the beach, you will inevitably feel slow and heavy. Your agility will be hampered, and your vertical will decline. Having a constantly shifting surface beneath your feet simply makes movement difficult. So how do you improve your ability to get around the beach volleyball court?

Your first step is to simply get out and move on the sand. Take your morning run on the beach. Train on the sand. Your body will be using muscles that you simply do not use on an indoor court. After a few weeks, your muscles will begin to acclimate and react faster while on the sand.

Work on your vertical jump while in the sand. Unlike when you push off of an indoor court for your approach jump, sand will give way under your feet. This takes precious inches off your vertical and can cause you to feel sluggish.

In indoor volleyball, you can pound your feet on the hardwood to transfer your forward momentum into your jump. With beach volleyball, this method doesn’t work. Instead, focus more on your positioning and explode upwards. Before you take off, allow some time to transfer weight from forward to upward motion, this allows the sand beneath your feet to pack and provide a bit more vertical on the soft sand.

When playing beach volleyball, many indoor players feel as if they are just coming short on digs or transitioning to make plays on the ball. When playing on the sand, it is important to focus on playing “through” the ball.

Don’t think of the ball as your destination, and keep pumping your legs when you make a play on the ball. Indoor players have a tendency to get to where the ball will almost be, and then reach to make the play. In beach volleyball, you slow much faster and will find yourself coming up short on many of your plays if you don’t run through the ball.

Interested in Playing Beach Volleyball?

If you are interested in playing beach volleyball, contact City Beach today. We offer open play as well as opportunities to play on teams. To learn more call us today at 408-654-9330.

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