How Club Volleyball Prepares You For Collegiate Athletics

Club Volleyball: How the Increased Competition Prepares You For College Volleyball

Female volleyball player in front of club volleyball teams

Club volleyball is quickly becoming the best method to prepare high school athletes for collegiate athletics. The NCAA recently performed a survey of over 21,000 college athletes, asking if they played club or high school sports. Women’s volleyball had an overwhelming result in favor of club volleyball. 91% of women’s volleyball players competed on a club volleyball team. Club volleyball has quite a few advantages over high school athletics. Today, City Beach will discuss how club volleyball is the number one way to prepare for college athletics.

Increased Level of Competition

One of the greatest aspects of playing club volleyball is the increased competition you will face. Not only are you playing with better players and competing for playing time on your team, but you will face teams that will force you to play your best. The majority of players who join club volleyball teams are serious about improving their game. If you can separate yourself from the pack in club volleyball, college scouts will notice.

Year-Round Play

Girls high school volleyball is held in the fall, while boys high school volleyball is generally a Spring sport. With club volleyball, you have the opportunity to play all year. Club teams like those at City Beach offer competitive play during what would be the offseason for those who only participate in high school volleyball. If you are serious about transitioning to collegiate play, it is important that you dedicate yourself to improving year-round.

High-End Facilities and Superior Coaching Resources

Perhaps the most important aspect of playing club volleyball is the access to high-end training and coaching resources. Successful coaches are in high demand for a reason. Coaches with experience and knowledge of what it takes to be successful at the collegiate level can provide you valuable insight into improving your game. Many high school coaches have some experience with the sport but are largely selected out of the available teaching staff. Most high school coaches have had some high school experience but very rarely were they also successful collegiate players. Club volleyball teams recruit standout collegiate players who can give guidance to players who are dedicated to becoming the best they can be.

Interested in Joining a Club Volleyball Team?

City Beach has club volleyball teams ranging from our 11 & Under team to our 18 & Under team, with varying levels of experience and competition. If you or your child are interested in improving their volleyball game in the hopes of eventually becoming a collegiate athlete, or just to become a better high school player, City Beach is the place to go. Interested in learning more? Contact us today at 408-654-9330.


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