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City Beach Explains Strength Training and Its Role in Volleyball

City Beach: Why Strength Training is Key to Improving at Volleyball

The unfortunate reality of amateur volleyball is that too often coaches ignore strength training in favor of a focus on drills and technique. While using proper technique is obviously important, creating a strength training program for your players is a key factor not only in performance but in a player’s ability to stay healthy. Today, City Beach will discuss some of the many benefits you or your players will see by implementing a strength training program into your training regimen.

Protect Your Players From Injury

Volleyball is a high-impact sport and can lead to many different types of injuries if your body is not properly conditioned. Certain common volleyball injuries such as shoulder impingements, shin splints, and back injuries can be greatly reduced by a strength training program. Muscle development also helps to support and protect players’ joints and ligaments. Think of building muscle as developing a suit of armor for your players. Even the best natural athletes can improve and benefit from injury protection that comes with strength training if they want to continue their career at the collegiate level. At City Beach, we implement our own strength training programs and recommend them to any coach we talk to.

Strength Training is the Original Performance Enhancer

Players who want to improve their game should absolutely be involved in a strength training program. Collegiate volleyball is dominated by players with tremendous strength and power. Focusing on lower body strength allows for players to jump higher and move faster. Upper body strength gives players the strength to spike, block, and dig balls. And core strength allows players to have the body control and power transfer that elite players need. For high school players looking to continue to the collegiate level, developing your physical strength is one of the best ways to get on a scout’s radar. Most college programs look for incredible athletes that they can “coach up” rather than technique masters who have not developed physically. If you are really serious about developing your game finding a strength program like the ones offered at City Beach can give you a major leg-up on the competition.

Visit City Beach Today For Your Strength Training

Whether you are an individual player looking to take their game to the next level, or a coach wanting to implement a program for their team City Beach is the facility to visit. Call us today at 408-654-9330 to speak with one of our experts or come visit us at 2911 Mead Avenue in Santa Clara, CA.

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