City Beach on finding training shoes.

City Beach Explains the Importance of the Right Shoes

City Beach on the Right Shoes

City Beach is dedicated to the development of all our volleyball players. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, you’ll find the experience you’re looking for at City Beach. We offer free play, tournaments, and volleyball clinics to help you hone your skills, along with professional advice from experienced players.

With the experience we have, the City Beach team is well aware of how important it is to have the right equipment — especially the right shoes. In this blog, we’re discussing why having the right shoes for your volleyball training is absolutely vital, and offer some tips on finding the perfect fit.

Are Running Shoes Right for Volleyball Training?

If you’re new to volleyball—or to fitness training in general—you’d be forgiven for assuming that there’s only one kind of athletic shoe. In reality, there is a huge, often overwhelming variety of shoes designed for all kinds of different activities.

While running shoes tend to be the standard for many people, they are typically designed for just that—running. Most running shoes are made to withstand running for a long time in a straight line. Playing volleyball is very different.

When you play volleyball, you’re moving quickly, all over the court, frequently jumping and making sudden turns. Many running and trail-running shoes simply aren’t designed for this kind of activity.

Other Athletic Options

While it might be harder to find athletic shoes labeled specifically for volleyball, just searching for “volleyball shoes” online will bring up countless results and recommendations. Most major manufacturers make training shoes for more diverse activities than running that are ideal for volleyball. The real challenge comes not from finding the right shoes for volleyball generally, but specifically the right ones for you.

Shopping for Shoes

Before you go shopping for volleyball shoes, City Beach has a few basic tips for you. First, try to shop toward the end of the day. Our feet typically swell throughout the day from walking around, and the same happens when you exercise. Shopping later in the day means your shoes will maintain a comfortable feel through a whole game or training session.

Wear the right socks. This second tip is important because the type of socks you wear can change how shoes feel. Wear socks that you’re likely to wear during volleyball games or training sessions to get an accurate idea of how the shoes feel.

Know your feet. One of the best ways to get the right shoes for fitness is to know the shape of your feet. Are your arches high, medium or low? Where do you tend to put your weight when you stand, walk, or run? Do you have any specific, persistent issues, aches or pains? Think about the position you play and your style of play too.

When it comes to trying shoes on, you should look for some key signs that you’ve found the right fit. Avoid thinking with a “breaking in” mentality. While shoes certainly change their shape and feel through use, this doesn’t mean you should put up with uncomfortable shoes until they wear in. Your volleyball shoes should be comfortable from the beginning to help avoid injuries or painful wear on your body such as blisters.

Remember that, as with any clothing, different shoe manufacturers will size their shoes differently. Don’t just rely on the numbers! Get a real feel for how a shoe fits, make sure you have space to wiggle your toes while the shoe still feels snug overall.

The Most Important Features for Volleyball

When it comes to finding the right volleyball shoes, remember the most important factors:

  • Good grip
  • Considerable cushion
  • Stability on all sides

Find shoes with these three factors that are comfortable and lightweight, and you’re ready to take to the court.

Start Your Training at City Beach

With this info and advice, you should be able to find the perfect shoes for volleyball training. Your next step is to contact City Beach to find out more about our volleyball clinics, volleyball tournaments and all the amenities we have available. Don’t forget that we also offer great team building and event opportunities. Take a look at all the facilities available and start your training with us today.

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