What Protective Gear do I Need for Indoor Volleyball Training?

Indoor Volleyball Training Protective Gear

Are you interested in learning to play volleyball? If you’ve never played volleyball or never had indoor volleyball training before, you might wonder what protective gear you need in order to play. In this City Beach blog, we take a look at the personal and court protective gear needed for indoor volleyball training.

Personal Gear

Volleyball takes a lot of physical exertion. You will need to move laterally and burst in short sprints. Often the ball will end up just out of reach no matter how you push yourself. To keep the ball in play, you will dive for it. Though it may look scary from the outside, most players dive for the ball almost without thinking. The competitive nature of the game just brings it out in us.

The jumping, lateral movement, and sprinting can easily result in sprained ankles, sprained knees, and pulled muscles. Sadly, there is nothing you can really do to stop this from happening aside from stretching before and after games and following an appropriate conditioning schedule. You can, however, buy knee pads to protect your knees from banging against the hardwood floor.

Court Gear

If you plan on playing volleyball in a tight space, you will need some extra protective gear for the court itself. Indoor volleyball training and playing sometimes takes up more space than the lines of the court. Sometimes a dive, a dig, or a pass will go wayward and take a player outside the boundaries of the court. This happens quite often with less experienced players in the beginning of their indoor volleyball training.

You can purchase protective padding to line the walls with. If the space is small enough and the ball wild enough, you can easily find yourself following a ball soaring over your head and run smack into the wall. The same holds true for the poles. If you are new to the game, you might want to put some padding on the poles to protect yourself while you launch yourself for those difficult-to-reach spikes.

Get All the Indoor Volleyball Training You Need at City Beach

If this sounds like too much of a hassle, you can head on down to City Beach. We’d love to give you some tips and help you with your volleyball training. We have the perfect facility for you. We have not only great courts but also a dedicated staff to help you out. Choose indoor volleyball training at City Beach. We’ll be here waiting for you.

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