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A Look at City Beach Volleyball Teams

Volleyball Teams: A City Beach Preview

Each year, City Beach Volleyball offers a wide variety of volleyball teams for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our team structure and system is unique to other athletics teams because we have a structure for all players. We have leagues heavily devoted to individual player development as well as teams solely focused on competing and winning matches. In today’s post, City Beach takes a look at a few of these teams and what 2018 will look like.

Youth League-Recreational Teams (Ages 8-14)

Our rec league volleyball teams are the best in the business, offering a unique combination of skill development and fun. These teams compete in the Great America tournament and four youth league tournaments. We offer high-level coaches, but their instruction is given in a low-stress environment.

Unlike other volleyball teams, playing time is equally distributed. If you sign your child up for this team, you can rest assured that they will be on the court as much as any other player. These leagues exist to allow your child to have fun playing volleyball while also learning how to play the game. We want to be able to develop your child in their volleyball skills, but more importantly, we want them to have fun.

Area and Invitational Competitive Development Teams

These volleyball teams are devoted to developing the skills and traits of the players participating, helping them to learn to control their success. Their playing time reflects this goal, so while playing time won’t necessarily be equal, it won’t be lopsided. The focus for these teams isn’t just winning matches, but more centered on development.

And while these volleyball teams aren’t focused solely on winning, we do believe that competition is what drives development and helps to push players to grow in their skill. We do this by allowing our 25 area league teams to compete in the AAU Pacific League under the leadership of exceptional coaching while our invitational league teams compete against Power League and Premier League teams at all the NCVA’s largest events.

Competitive Power Teams

These volleyball teams are unique to our other leagues because it is at this level that we devote ourselves to winning matches and having team success. While players still develop through these leagues, this is the time where our player’s development over their years of playing volleyball comes together to produce an on-the-court result.

The biggest difference with these teams will be playing time. For our power teams, we use a performance-based playtime standard. This means that the best player for the job will play and other players are expected to be ready to be called upon when needed, but also willing to support the team when not on the court.

Come Play on a City Beach Volleyball Team

While the 2018 season is about to kick off, there are still spots needed. Several teams are looking for a variety of players at a variety of positions. If you aren’t able to get into a league this year, be on the lookout for sign-ups throughout 2018. Contact us today at (408) 654-9330 or visit our website for more information.

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