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What are the Benefits of Volleyball Camps?

Volleyball Camps: What are the Benefits?

In our last blog post, the City Beach blog talked about volleyball clinics and what attributes you should look for in making your decision about a clinic. In today’s post, we would like to piggyback that idea and discuss something similar: what are the benefits of volleyball camps? Some of you may be trying to figure out the difference between a volleyball clinic and a volleyball camp and we are here to answer that question. In today’s post, we’ll tell you what makes volleyball camps unique, but also what the benefits are for attending a camp.

Why A Volleyball Camp?

While volleyball clinics and camps may seem like the same thing on the surface, they are actually two very different things. For starters, clinics are typically single session events, whereas camps are multi-day events and are often over-night events. But more importantly, volleyball camps are more versatile. They give athletes the opportunity to spend a weekend or even a few weeks learning the skills of the trade, interacting with fellow athletes, and competing at a high level.

Clinics are a fantastic resource for sharpening your skills, but camps can help you overhaul those skills. Summer camps often offer a variety of different programs and skill levels, from beginner camps to expert camps. This will allow beginners to leave with a solid grasp on how to get better, while also allowing high-level athletes to leave prepared to exceed.

What are the Benefits of Attending a Camp?

There is a seemingly never-ending list of benefits to attending one of these camps. For starters, they are a blast for participants, even those who are more serious athletes. There are many overnight camps that allow you to room with fellow athletes and have free time with them, giving them the opportunity to make new friends and have a blast with their fellow athletes. Athletes are able to get away from the world, even if just for a few days, and play volleyball with friends and competitors alike.

They are also the most effective and efficient way to develop as a player. Camps are all extensive, meaning that the days are filled with extended training sessions that are unmatched elsewhere. You will often spend up to six hours a day playing and training for your sport over several days of action. In sports, development is always a result of repetition and the volume of quality reps that you will find at volleyball camps in unmatched elsewhere.

City Beach Volleyball Has Your Camp Ready

At City Beach, we have a wide variety of camps and programs, ranging from beginner programs, advanced programs, high school prep programs, and even conditioning programs. Contact us today at (408) 654-9330 or visit our website to register or find more information.

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