California Kick Off NCVA

2017-01-15 8:00 am - 2017-01-15 9:00 pm
City Beach Santa Clara
City Beach, Mead Avenue, Santa Clara, CA, United States

Site Rules

  • No tailgating activities will be allowed outside the building in the parking lot, which is shared by several businesses.
  • Food may be brought inside.  A shared storage and eating area will be available inside the facility
  • The following are not permitted inside or outside: Canopies, tables, BBQs, generators, microwaves, etc.
  • There will be tables available inside the building, but no “camping” sites will be available
  • Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the premises
  • Hard and soft coolers as well as commercially prepared foods may not be brought inside the building. Homemade, individual brown bagged lunches will be allowed inside the City Beach Facility – There will be tables inside for use
  • No chairs, tables or coolers allowed inside.
  • Parking is limited. City Beach Santa Clara has a small parking lot and our neighboring businesses are busy. Additional Parking can be found across the street at Wesco, all site rules still apply (No tailgating, BBQ, etc)
  • Snacks, Drinks, Sandwiches, and Smoothies can be purchased at Luigi’s Café on site.
  • No BBQ or Alcohol inside or outside

Penalties for violating these rules are:

  • Tournament Director will impose 13 Point Penalty. The 13 Point Penalty means that in the team’s next set, the score will begin at 0-13, with 13 points automatically awarded to the opposing team.
  • Receive $200 fine
  • Receive last place finish and points, if applicable.
  • Teams may be asked to leave the tournament.

All Sites: The NCVA would like to remind you to make sure you always lock your cars, keep your expensive items out of plain view and keep your personal items within your sight at each facility at all times.