Girl doing libero training at volleyball clinic.

Preparing a Libero with a Volleyball Clinic

Volleyball Clinic: Preparing for the Role of Libero

Many people consider Libero to be the most difficult position on the volleyball court. successful Liberos do not need to be tall like a defensive specialist — instead, they need to be very quick and tenacious. If you are interested in becoming a Libero specialist or are looking to learn how to coach up your teams Libero, check out our guide on ways to prepare for the libero role. Whether it is a CIty Beach volleyball clinic, regular drills, or physical training, any potential Libero can benefit from these tips.

Pepper Drills

Pepper drills are one of the most popular volleyball training drills coaches employ. Because this drill is focused on creating lots of touches and difficult digs, it is perfect for the Libero-in-training. Focus on creating a good forearm platform with your chin up and eyes forward. The goal of this drill should be to create a good angle by dropping your shoulders and having solid form in order to create lift for your passing. Create difficult angles and trajectories for the Libero so they get practice adjusting to difficult shots and recovering.

Agility Training

One of our major focuses during our volleyball clinic is training players to be more quick and agile. For Liberos, this is maybe the most important physical aspect of their game. Footwork drills like walking on dots, ladders, and stairs can be an excellent method for training balance and agile movement. Liberos should also work on explosive plyometrics using drills like lateral barrier-jumps. Create an 8” – 12’ tall barrier and have your player jump back and forth sideways over the barrier. The focus should be on landing lightly on the balls of your feet and maintaining balance. The more explosive your Libero, the more likely they will be able to close difficult distances in short times, a key component to success.

Visit a City Beach Volleyball Clinic

At City Beach, we offer volleyball clinics designed to keep your Libero in game-shape regardless of the time of year. If your player is serious about improving skills and learning more about the game our volleyball clinic is tailor-made for them. We offer both spring and fall volleyball clinics to keep your Libero improving all year long.

Contact City Beach to Learn More

If you or one of your players are interested in becoming a more complete Libero, then City Beach is the place to improve your skills. We offer services for a wide variety of teams and players. Whether you have a child that is interested in learning the game, or a potential collegiate recruit looking to take their game to the next level, City Beach can help improve their game. Call us at 408-654-9330 for any questions, or if you prefer, stop by our facility at 2911 Mead Avenue in Santa Clara. We look forward to working with you!

Woman learning to serve with volleyball training.

How to Improve Your Overhand Serve With Volleyball Training

Volleyball Training: Improving Your Overhand Serve

One of the number one skills that young volleyball players want to improve is their ability to successfully serve overhand. Whether the player is a beginner or simply looking to improve their serve, specific volleyball training is key to success. Lots of different coaches recommend their own flavor or technique, but some of the basics hold true for every player. Today, City Beach discusses three key components that you should work on to get a better serve.

Point Your Body In the Right Direction

Generally, the first thing we want to do when offering volleyball training to a beginner is to make sure that when they serve, everything is moving in the same direction. Teaching players how to get their body and their arm swing pointed the same way is, in very broad terms, the key to success. Creating a fluid motion that transfers body weight from the back foot to the front foot and from the legs to the arms is the best way to generate power and accuracy. Generally, if a player’s body is moving to the right then the serve follows and vice versa. Your initial volleyball training should focus on creating a balanced movement from back to front.

Train the Toss

For the majority of beginners, the root of their serving problems stems from a poor toss. So many players have inconsistent tosses that it is no wonder their serves are also inconsistent. We offer volleyball training that helps to create a consistent process from the beginning of the serve (the toss) through the end of the serve (follow-through). It is advisable for newer players to learn to lower the toss arc. The higher the serve — the more chance there is for error. Instead, try having beginners raise the ball about shoulder height and then lift the ball a small amount. The idea is to have just enough time to bring your arm through to make solid contact with the ball. With experience and increased consistency, the player can eventually work their way up to a higher toss for a more explosive follow through.

Volleyball Training Focused on Contact

Ball contact is often times too much of a focus compared to the overall process of the overhand serve. In general, the important factor is keeping their wrist and hand firm through ball contact and to follow through the ball. Eventually, advanced players may learn to pull their hand back to create spin or to “pop” the ball. The focus for beginners should center on creating a consistent and successful serve before moving to advanced tactics. If the player is doing everything else right then contact will occur naturally. Breaking the idea that the serve depends on perfect contact, instead of the entire motion before that point, is important for creating a consistent serve.

Contact City Beach for Volleyball Training

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, any player can benefit from volleyball training. At City Beach, we have experts who have been offering volleyball training for most of their lives. We are dedicated to providing a fun, but productive environment for volleyball players of all levels. To learn more about our volleyball training camps and clinics contact City Beach today!

Corporate team building

Benefits of Corporate Team Building

The Importance of Corporate Team Building

Corporate team building has become a staple of workplace culture, and while some employees may initially dread it, they are sure to appreciate its benefits. Not only does teambuilding offer the chance to get out of the office and socialize with coworkers, but it can also increase morale and productivity levels. At City Beach in Santa Clara, we offer fun and challenging corporate team building activities. Here, we discuss some of the ways teambuilding can benefit your work environment.

Teaches Teamwork

Teamwork and collaboration are essential components of any healthy work environment. Unfortunately, many employees struggle to work together and share ideas, which is why most corporate team building activities are geared toward competition and collaboration. For example, team building activities at City Beach include volleyball, cornhole, dodgeball, and other team games. This gives your employees an opportunity to work together in a fun, relaxed environment. By bonding as a team outside of the workplace, they are more likely to communicate and collaborate on upcoming projects.

Boost Morale

Let’s face it: every employee craves a day out of the office. By getting the chance to socialize with coworkers and have some fun on a workday, employees are more likely to feel positive feelings toward your company and satisfaction with their work. This ultimately increases motivation and productivity in the workplace.

Fosters Creativity and Innovation

Studies show that people are more likely to share their thoughts and ideas when they feel comfortable in their workplace environment. Above all us, corporate team building is a social activity, a chance for people to network and get to know their fellow coworkers. When people feel more comfortable around their coworkers, they are more likely to share their ideas, fostering an environment of creativity and innovation.

Stimulates Competition

A little friendly competition goes a long way. In our team building activities at City Beach, your employees have the chance to interact in a competitive atmosphere. While the competition is all in good fun, it allows your employees to bond over completing a similar goal. This friendly competition can translate to your work environment, increasing productivity and motivating your employees to carry out of the goals of your organization.

Corporate Team Building at City Beach

If you are looking for a way to boost morale, creativity, and teamwork around your workplace, look no further than City Beach. Our competitive corporate team building activities are designed to encourage your employees to socialize, bond, and boost morale. We offer a variety of packages, some including food and beverage options. To learn more, contact us today!

Summer volleyball clinic

Choosing a Summer Volleyball Clinic

How to Choose a Summer Volleyball Clinic

A summer volleyball clinic is a great way to get some practice in the off-season and meet new friends. With many different clinics available, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you or your child. At City Beach, we offer a wide-range of volleyball clinics throughout the year, each focussing on different skill levels and components of gameplay. If you are struggling to decide on a clinic, ask yourself the following questions.

What is Your Skill Level?

Every volleyball clinic will focus on a different skill level. While some clinics may be geared toward new players others will be geared toward those with more experience. To avoid signing up for a camp that is too easy or too difficult, carefully consider your skill level. If you have been playing volleyball for couple years, an intermediate may be the ideal option. If you are a competitive high school volleyball player, you may wish to choose a clinic that will prepare you for college tryouts.

What do You Hope to Learn?

Some volleyball clinics will cover a wide range of skills, while others may focus only a few aspects of the game, such as setting and spiking. Other clinics may offer additional training, such as conditioning practice. To find the summer clinic that fits your needs, carefully consider your goals and what you hope to improve through this experience. At City Beach, we offer various clinics throughout the year that focus on different aspects of the game. Explore our site to see your options.

Who are the Coaches?

Attending a summer volleyball clinic can be a huge investment. Whether you are a player or a parent, you want to ensure that the clinic is well worth the money. Working with a group of experienced, knowledgeable coaches ensures that you will improve your game and learn new skills that you can use during the competitive season. Before signing up for a clinic, ask about the coaches and their qualifications.

What is the Atmosphere?

Though you may wish to improve your game by attending a clinic, having some fun and meeting new friends is a huge part of the experience. After all, you will be spending quite a bit of time with this group of coaches and players. Regardless of the facility, make sure that is has a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  

Volleyball Clinics at City Beach

If you are interested in attending a summer volleyball clinic, contact City Beach today! Our team of experienced coaches is dedicated to offering challenging, fun clinics that give you an opportunity to improve your skills. To learn more, browse our website or give us a call at (408) 654-9330!

Men playing beach volleyball

How Beach Volleyball Improves Your Health

The Health Benefits of Beach Volleyball

It’s no surprise that beach volleyball has become one of the most popular summertime activities. Not only is it a great way to bond with friends and spend time outdoors, but the sport also offers numerous health benefits. From cardiovascular exercise to muscle conditioning, the demands of the game and the unique qualities of the sand court work together to create an intensive, full-body workout. At City Beach, we offer volleyball programming throughout the year, including beach volleyball leagues and clinics. Today, we share some of the health benefits of the sport.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Traditional, indoor volleyball is known for its intensive cardiovascular workout. The demands of the game force players to jump and sprint, increasing their heart rate and endurance. In beach volleyball, the sand court creates resistance. This increases the intensity of the cardiovascular workout, which burns more calories. Over time, sand volleyball players develop excellent endurance and stamina.


Resistance is one of the key components to gaining muscle tone. By playing volleyball in the sand, beach volleyball players are forced to work their legs twice as hard as they would have to on a traditional indoor court. This strengthens and tones the muscles and creates a creates an intense, full-body workout.

Improves Agility

It can be a challenge to maintain your balance and stability on a sand court. With the sand constantly shifting under their feet, you are forced to quickly change your position, whether you are conscious of it or not. This increases your heart rate and activates your “fast-twitch muscles,” muscles which are often neglected in most exercise routines. If you are hoping to improve your agility on the indoor court, consider playing sand volleyball in the off-season.

Provides an Outdoor Social Activity

Spending too much time indoors can be detrimental to your mental or physical health. In fact, living a sedentary, indoor lifestyle is shown to increase symptoms of depression and anxiety. Luckily, beach volleyball provides an opportunity to get outside, get some exercise, and make new friends. The sport has a reputation for being a spontaneous activity where pick-up games are common. When you are in a sand volleyball community, you are sure to meet plenty of new people. If you are looking for a new social activity, consider joining a league or signing up for an outdoor clinic.

Contact City Beach

Located in Santa Clara, California, City Beach is the ideal location to play a game of beach volleyball. We offer a wide variety of leagues, clinics, and tournaments geared toward both adults and adolescents. Additionally, we offer specials for birthday parties and corporate team building activities. To learn more about our services, contact City Beach today!

Off-season volleyball training

Volleyball Training: Off-Season Tips

Off-Season Volleyball Training Tips

Though the off-season is a time of rest, it also offers an opportunity for volleyball players to focus on conditioning, improve their technique, and build strength and speed. Now is your chance to hit the gym, stay healthy, and get yourself a step ahead of the competition. At City Beach, we offer volleyball programming throughout the year, including clinics, training programs, and corporate team building. Here, we discuss a few volleyball training tips to follow during the off-season.

Boost Your Cardio

Cardio is the lifeblood of volleyball. During a game, players must be able to exert quick bursts of energy through running, jumping, and spiking. When you are developing your off-season volleyball training program, focus your energy on cardio. Try out long-distance running, sprinting, biking, and plyometrics to build your stamina and endurance.

Try Out Another Sport

After the volleyball season, it is totally normal to be a little burnt out on the sport. After months of practices, tournaments, and games, you might be ready to take a break and try out something else. The off-season gives you an opportunity to pick up a new sport, such as softball, soccer, or even gymnastics. By playing other sports, you will become a more well-rounded athlete, which will improve your performance on the volleyball court.

Hit the Gym

Conditioning is a huge part of volleyball training, and the off-season is the perfect time to hit the gym and improve your strength. When you are conditioning, try targeting a different muscle group each day. On some days, focus on your legs, and on other days, focus on upper-body strength. Keep in mind that your workouts should relate to your position on the volleyball court. For example, finger push-ups (which improve wrist strength) are ideal for setters.

Focus on Your Mental Health

Improving your physical performance relies on improving your mental and emotional health. Volleyball is a sport that requires a great deal of concentration, strategy, and alertness. During the off-season, try out yoga and meditation. These activities are not only relaxing, but they can also improve self-confidence, lower anxiety, and help bring awareness to your body. By working mental health into your volleyball training, you increase your chances of having a successful season.

Volleyball Training at City Beach

Located in Santa Clara, California, City Beach offers volleyball training programs throughout the year. Our programming includes summer volleyball clinics, club volleyball leagues, beach volleyball, corporate team building, off-season training, and more. With six courts and experienced staff members, we are the ideal facility for new and experienced players. To learn more about our services, contact City Beach today!

Dynamic vs Static Stretching for beach volleyball.

Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching for Beach Volleyball

Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching for Beach Volleyball

Playing beach volleyball well means being able to move around a lot. Beach volleyball isn’t exactly a simple game to play. With a lot of quick movement, sudden stopping, jumping, and turning on a dime, beach volleyball makes a lot of demands on your body.

Because of this, it’s important that your muscles are ready for an extended and extensive workout. In our last blog, the City Beach team talked about why stretching is important. In this follow-up entry, we’re going to look in more detail about the types of stretching you can do: dynamic and static. Is one better than the other for beach volleyball? Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Dynamic Stretching?

Dynamic stretching is any kind of stretching exercise that involves more movement. Examples of dynamic stretching include lunges, trunk rotations, leg swings, arm circles to name just a few.

Dynamic stretches use more than one focused muscle group, instead engaging multiple muscle groups or a full range of motion. Dynamic stretching usually serves as a lighter version of the kind of work your muscles do during more intensive exercise, and it serves as a warm-up or cool-down from it.

What Is Static Stretching?

Static stretching is far more focused than dynamic stretching, and it tends to be less active overall. Examples of static stretches include hamstring stretches, calf stretches, toe-touching and others that focus on stretching a particular muscle group—usually for a specified period of time.

Which Is Better Suited to Volleyball?

There’s some significant debate around which kind of stretching is more beneficial. Ultimately, it depends on what you’re doing it for. For beach volleyball, dynamic stretching before you play is likely going to do more for your performance, as it does more to limber up your whole body and increase blood flow, without over-taxing your muscles. Static stretching is still a reliable way to reduce potential aches, pains or swelling after playing, not to mention as a form of relaxation off the court.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different, so the most beneficial form of warm-up and cool-down exercises might vary for you. A good coach or fitness instructor will help you find the ideal way to prepare your body for volleyball and help it recover afterward.

Contact Us About Beach Volleyball Clinics, Tournaments and More

Stretching is just one part of being ready to be part of a volleyball team, but it’s an important one. If you’re ready to get started, contact City Beach about volleyball training, clinics and tournaments today. We’ll work with you to develop your volleyball skills, help you focus, and prepare you to be part of a team. City Beach also offers packages for parties and unique corporate team building events.

Volleyball clinic advice for stretching.

Volleyball Clinic Advice: Importance of Stretching

Volleyball Clinic Advice: Why Stretching Is Important

If you’re thinking about signing up for one of the volleyball clinics at City Beach, you can be sure that our professional coaches will be prepared to teach you the basics from the ground up. Our volleyball clinics and training programs allow you to get a feel for City Beach volleyball, from play styles to the facility and courts.

But, there are a few fitness tips that are useful to go in already knowing—like just how important it is to stretch properly. Although you hear about the importance of proper stretching all the time, a surprising number of casual or aspiring athletes still neglect to do it properly.

Before you start your first volleyball clinic at City Beach, take some time to read about why proper stretching really matters.

Avoiding Aches and Pains

Exercising without stretching before and afterward puts excess tension on your muscles. This is going to result in residual pain the following day, possibly for multiple days depending on your usual level of exercise. You’re also more likely to experience severe cramping.

Reducing the Chances of Injury

Due to the reduction of stress put on the muscles, stretching can also reduce your risk of injury. While it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be injured, it definitely cuts your chances. Stiff or unprepared muscles are more susceptible to straining or even tearing, which is a severe injury. Not stretching also reduces your range of motion, giving you less precise control of your own movements while you’re exercising.

Improving Performance

Speaking of your range of motion, stretching can also help to improve your performance. Preparing your body beforehand, and showing it some extra care afterward, allows your muscles to properly adapt and recover. Increased flexibility and relaxation of muscles means better control, agility, and strength.

Adding to Your Overall Health

If you hadn’t guessed it already, the benefits of stretching are also great outside of a volleyball clinic. Improved mobility and muscular control also help your overall physical health. Not only that, but focused stretching exercises can also help reduce stress and improve your ability to relax and focus mentally. Ever wonder why Yoga is so persistently popular? The focused stretching it involves helps with both physical and mental health.

Start Your Volleyball Clinic Training

If you’re ready to get started, contact our volleyball training team about our volleyball clinics today. City Beach is dedicated to the development of every player, from novice to professional, and we’ll help you hone your skills on the court. We also offer packages for parties and corporate team building events at our volleyball center.

Volleyball training and college scholarships.

How Volleyball Training Can Help You Get a College Scholarship

How Volleyball Training Could Help You Get a Scholarship

Extracurricular athletics and sports are a great way to open up all kinds of opportunities early in your educational career. While football is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a sports-related scholarship, there are a variety of other options. Did you know that volleyball training could lead to a scholarship? At City Beach, we know that the benefits of volleyball training can go far beyond the court. In this blog, we’re going to look at how volleyball training can help you secure a scholarship.

Athletics and Academics

One of the most important parts of gaining a scholarship based on sports is your performance—both athletically and academically. To win the approval of a college offering scholarships, you need to prove your dedication to your education, as well as to the sport you’re passionate about.

Because it’s an intense team sport, volleyball can demonstrate that exact dedication they’re looking for. Great volleyball training leads to great playing, giving you the chance to show that you’re worth the investment of a scholarship. It will also help to teach you the focus and self-discipline you need to keep your grades up.

Skills to Focus On

If you’re hoping to gain a scholarship through volleyball, there are a few key skills you should look to develop through volleyball training.

Strength and Power

The strength and power you’re able to produce during a game are vital. Making passes and driving or spiking the ball, defensive plays, blocking and being able to move quickly from a standing position all require precise and powerful movement. When you train, focus on developing your strength—cardio fitness will come with it naturally over time.

Working on Vertical Skill

If you play a front position, then you should focus on your reach. College coaches are typically looking for players who can hit high while still maintaining the power and precision mentioned above.

Keep Playing

It might seem like an obvious thing to say, but the more you play, the better you’ll be. Regular volleyball training and taking part in competitive games and tournaments will allow you to continually hone your skills. Just remember not to compromise your academic pursuits for the sake of volleyball.

Think About The School You Choose

Lastly, the City Beach team advises that you think hard about the school you choose if you’re offered more than one opportunity for a scholarship. Remember that your college education is important, so you need to balance the appeal of your athletic opportunities with the quality of education or degree you’ll get.

Contact Us About Volleyball Training

If you’re looking ahead to getting a scholarship and you have a passion for volleyball, contact us about our volleyball clinics and other training programs today. Our dedicated coaches and teams can help you develop the skills you need that’ll benefit you both on and off the court. City Beach also offers packages for parties and corporate team building events, along with much more.

City Beach on finding training shoes.

City Beach Explains the Importance of the Right Shoes

City Beach on the Right Shoes

City Beach is dedicated to the development of all our volleyball players. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, you’ll find the experience you’re looking for at City Beach. We offer free play, tournaments, and volleyball clinics to help you hone your skills, along with professional advice from experienced players.

With the experience we have, the City Beach team is well aware of how important it is to have the right equipment — especially the right shoes. In this blog, we’re discussing why having the right shoes for your volleyball training is absolutely vital, and offer some tips on finding the perfect fit.

Are Running Shoes Right for Volleyball Training?

If you’re new to volleyball—or to fitness training in general—you’d be forgiven for assuming that there’s only one kind of athletic shoe. In reality, there is a huge, often overwhelming variety of shoes designed for all kinds of different activities.

While running shoes tend to be the standard for many people, they are typically designed for just that—running. Most running shoes are made to withstand running for a long time in a straight line. Playing volleyball is very different.

When you play volleyball, you’re moving quickly, all over the court, frequently jumping and making sudden turns. Many running and trail-running shoes simply aren’t designed for this kind of activity.

Other Athletic Options

While it might be harder to find athletic shoes labeled specifically for volleyball, just searching for “volleyball shoes” online will bring up countless results and recommendations. Most major manufacturers make training shoes for more diverse activities than running that are ideal for volleyball. The real challenge comes not from finding the right shoes for volleyball generally, but specifically the right ones for you.

Shopping for Shoes

Before you go shopping for volleyball shoes, City Beach has a few basic tips for you. First, try to shop toward the end of the day. Our feet typically swell throughout the day from walking around, and the same happens when you exercise. Shopping later in the day means your shoes will maintain a comfortable feel through a whole game or training session.

Wear the right socks. This second tip is important because the type of socks you wear can change how shoes feel. Wear socks that you’re likely to wear during volleyball games or training sessions to get an accurate idea of how the shoes feel.

Know your feet. One of the best ways to get the right shoes for fitness is to know the shape of your feet. Are your arches high, medium or low? Where do you tend to put your weight when you stand, walk, or run? Do you have any specific, persistent issues, aches or pains? Think about the position you play and your style of play too.

When it comes to trying shoes on, you should look for some key signs that you’ve found the right fit. Avoid thinking with a “breaking in” mentality. While shoes certainly change their shape and feel through use, this doesn’t mean you should put up with uncomfortable shoes until they wear in. Your volleyball shoes should be comfortable from the beginning to help avoid injuries or painful wear on your body such as blisters.

Remember that, as with any clothing, different shoe manufacturers will size their shoes differently. Don’t just rely on the numbers! Get a real feel for how a shoe fits, make sure you have space to wiggle your toes while the shoe still feels snug overall.

The Most Important Features for Volleyball

When it comes to finding the right volleyball shoes, remember the most important factors:

  • Good grip
  • Considerable cushion
  • Stability on all sides

Find shoes with these three factors that are comfortable and lightweight, and you’re ready to take to the court.

Start Your Training at City Beach

With this info and advice, you should be able to find the perfect shoes for volleyball training. Your next step is to contact City Beach to find out more about our volleyball clinics, volleyball tournaments and all the amenities we have available. Don’t forget that we also offer great team building and event opportunities. Take a look at all the facilities available and start your training with us today.